Chasing Amtrak at Horseshoe Curve

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Altoona's Horseshoe Curve.  It had been several years since I had made the trip out to the Curve, and it was the first trip with the drone.  I prepared the drone in typical fashion, performing both preflight and radio control checks and then I waited.  From watching the Horseshoe Curve's live feed earlier in the week, I know that an eastbound Amtrak would come in around 9:40 AM and I was setup to catch it by 9:20 AM.  Of course, Amtrak was running a few minutes late that day, and it came around the western side of the mountain at 10:00 AM.  Thanks to the Amtrak live map, I was prepared!  I sent the drone up about 5 minutes prior to Amtrak's arrival and then followed the train through the curve.  I had just enough battery life to capture some nice video of the park as well.  Enjoy this winter view of the Horseshoe Curve, and I'd strongly recommend visiting this engineering marvel if you are ever in the area!