Things have Moved...

Changes to the Site:

One of the (many) things on my to-do list has been to do a bit of a redesign of  Therefore, I've been a bit hesitant to post new content knowing that would just mean more things to move down the road.  Well, I've finally gotten around to it, so here's what is new:

  • I've separated the "Gallery" and "Services" section of the site. 
    • The Gallery will focus on the more artistic side of aerial imaging.  I'll try to keep this updated as I visit new areas or take photographs that I feel are worthy of sharing.  This is the section that is most "behind", I just now have finally posted photos from a trip to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia that I took three months ago!
    • The Services menu will focus on commercial services that DST Drones can provide.  Right now, that includes Residential & Commercial Imaging, Mapping, and Golf Course Imagery.  I plan on adding an "Events" page before too much longer.
  • I've updated the price schedule to include new services that I've delved into over the past month or two.

Future Plans for the Site:

Now that I've gotten that squared away, here are some things that you should see here before the end of the summer:

  • More galleries.  I've got several gigabytes of photos and videos that I need to get posted!
  • I'd like to create an online store for those that are interested in purchasing prints or digital downloads of some of my photos. 
  • Now that I finally feel that I have enough content, I'm planning on creating a demo reel that highlights some of my favorite video clips.
  • Another blog post about mapping using the Maps Made Easy product that I've now used a few times.
Michael Shanafelt