Johnstown and Conemaugh Viaduct, PA

After four months of establishing a safe flying record along with submitting the proper paperwork, the FAA has issued a Certificate of Authorization to DST Drones (2018-P107-ESA-16567) that allows us to fly in the Johnstown Airport Class-D airspace at heights indicated in the UAS Facility Map.  To celebrate, I went out to Cambria County and flew the Johnstown Inclined Plane as well as the Conemaugh River Viaduct near South Fork.


The below pictures are taken at the Conemaugh Viaduct.  This bridge is down the river from South Fork and played a prominent role in the 1889 Johnstown Flood.  When the South Fork Dam burst, the wall of water made it down to this viaduct where the water once again backed up.  After backing up for about seven minutes, the hydraulic pressure forced the water to burst through the bridge.  This video recreates the event at 1:25.  A wooden bridge was then rebuilt at the site within seven days to open up rail traffic back to Johnstown.  The current structure was built later that same year.